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Our Curriculum

Hartshead is a small school with mixed age classes so our curriculum is designed to accommadate children who will be in the same class for 2, sometimes 3 years. The school is, of course, required to deliver the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum is statutory but has some flexibility in the content chosen and the year of delivery. Hartshead takes advantage of this to put together a bespoke curriculum that ensures relevance and generates interest and engagement for the children. 

The theme or topic will be common to the whole class and our delivery is differentiated within the class to provide challenge and support to children across the age and ability range. 

Please find below some key documents;

  • The National Curriculum - the key statutory document from which our curriculum is designed.
  • The Curriculum Map - key areas and themes to be covered by each class. 
  • Age Related Expectations - the targets children are striving to achieve at the end of each year

We share this important information so parents can be informed partners in their child's education. Your child will make even better progress if you know what we are covering in school and you find opportunities to support this. The choices you make around the books and games you buy, days out, the TV and films you watch together, can all contribute to your child's learning. 

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map below shows the areas of study/topics which will be covered over the academic year. At Hartshead, this is done in 3 year cycles because the classes contain three year groups and they would be studying the same topics year on year if they did not change annually. 

The map shows areas of study in subjects where the content is optional. The programmes of study in Maths and English are outlined in the National Curriculum and are statutory. 

National Curriculum


In the Early Years and Key Stage One we use the Governments Letters and Sounds programme. Please click on the link below to view this document.

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Letters and sounds
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