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Read to Succeed at Hartshead

Hartshead's Reading Strategy

Reading not only enables children to succeed at school - it opens up a world of wider opportunities. Our approach to reading is has this idea at it's centre.


Early Reading and Phonics

We use Little Wandle as our systematic, synthetic phonics scheme at Hartshead.

High quality consistent teaching of phonics and early reading for every child, in every classroom, helps us continue to grow a love of reading in our school.

Parent and Carer support with reading is crucial and the following information, from Little Wandle, is a quick guide to how Little Wandle is taught.





Beyond Phonics

After Little Wandle, children are carefully assessed to ascertain their reading level. Big Cat reading books provide fiction and non-fiction books that are based on a range of age appropriate topics and foster a love of reading with levelled reading books.

Big cat

Reading for pleasure

At Hartshead, we understand that making sure that children become engaged with reading from the beginning is one of the most important ways to make a difference to their life chances. For this to happen children need to learn to read as fluently as possible and be motivated to continue reading.

Children at Hartshead, read and are read to every day across the curriculum; books are carefully selected to be read aloud to our children.

The children have access to books in the reading area of each classroom; in addtion, our wonderful Discovery Den gives children a quiet and inviting space to read and share books.

Children have wide access to inspiring and motivational texts that they can read in school and bring home to share.

Staff at Hartshead love to read and we share this with our children each and every day in order to inspire them to love reading too.

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